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 The actual Introduction Of Ipod Adaptation And Ipod Cases.

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The actual Introduction Of Ipod Adaptation And Ipod Cases. Empty
PostSubject: The actual Introduction Of Ipod Adaptation And Ipod Cases.   The actual Introduction Of Ipod Adaptation And Ipod Cases. Icon_minitimeTue Oct 11, 2011 2:06 pm

APPLE iPod was launched a large-capacity Music produced by Toshiba 1. 8-inch disc drive since the storage medium, up to be able to 10 ~ 160GB with capacity, can store a couple of, 500 ~ 10, 000 MP3 songs, it also contains sound management processes and innovation. The mode regarding operation, appearance and special creativity, is the APPLE of your few across the LAPTOP and Mac platforms, equipment products, in addition to help you MP3 players, iPod can also be used as a high-speed mobile hard disk drive, you can display partners, calendar and tasks, and reading plain text e-books and pay attention to Audible's audio books plus podcasts. We can find out more about it through below ipod cases. The development of ipod is really fast now, you will get progressively more surprises through the ipod device cases.

RED Special Model
Added under: iPod (PRODUCT) RED Extraordinary Edition (the red type) isn't a limited edition, red-colored iPod nano4 and shuffle, is Apple in conjunction with the Product Red built or even a version of the iphone, now buy iPod (PRODUCT ) PURPLE Special Edition models, Apple will sell part of the proceeds donated to your Global Fund, for WILL HELP prevention in Africa. To date, only sold in that APPLE Store only (such as: Beijing Sanlitun apple store). Because the Scheme has been released, (PRODUCT) RED Global Fund has donated a lot more than 100 million U. Utes. dollars. Now, if you obtain (PRODUCT) RED, can give away their love.

The First-generation mp3
First-generation iPod's release caused a stir at that time, it is not only beautiful, but also features a unique and humane mode of operation as well as huge capacity, iPod: MP3 players has brought new ideas, since similar products available on the market after another, But the iPod continues to as it's unique style continues to be sought after.

The First-generation mp3 on October 23, 2001 discharge, a capacity of 5GB, 2002 t 3  twenty one Shelby 10GB version from the iPod, both equipped by using APPLE's selections as scroll-wheel travel, just a thumb in order to complete to operate, 10GiPod additionally added 20 species with equalizer settings, iPod bandwidth is definitely 400Mbps of IEEE1394 program transmission, with the Mac computer to manage iTunes, that was very advanced design, coupled with iPod unique design, it becomes another APPLE produce a myth.

The Second-generation mp3
Early first-generation iPod models for that Mac operating system design, PC, difficult to make use of it, for like iPod, PC users needed to use some third-party software to implement, Apple saw the program which, in June 2002 17 released to aid Windows operating system "Windows release of iPod", while increasing the 20G version from the iPod, since Mac and also Windows version of ipod touch has 5GB, 10GB, 20GB three types of capacity, which is known as the second for the iPod, this iPod from any PC user APPLE camp among the products recently.

The Third-generation mp3
April 28, 2003, using the iTunes store opened, Apple company announced the release in third-generation iPod (left). This is actually the iPod family, the very best change in generation involving members. Full use of your touch operation.

The Fourth-generation mp3
Apple Computer in Come early july 19, 2004 issued your fourth-generation iPod. Steve Jobs to publish new promotional methods, he was "Newsweek" (Newsweek) plus shoot the cover of your time magazine interview, released a brand new iPod.

Initially, these fourth generation iPod only monochrome screen, and with its predecessors never have pictures. First published a couple of: $299 for 20GB and also $399 for 40GB (Apple Home pc in February 2005 to prevent selling 40GB version, sales of monochrome 20GB version only). Monochrome of four generations in iPod, a little thinner versus the third generation (less as compared to 1 mm), and provides capacity to charge via USB interfaces. There are several others ipod cases, these ipod cases proved how the growth of technology of your society. Are you enthusiastic about ipod cases? Please pay more attention to ipod!
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The actual Introduction Of Ipod Adaptation And Ipod Cases.
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