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 All about Awareness Lanyards.

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All about Awareness Lanyards. Empty
PostSubject: All about Awareness Lanyards.   All about Awareness Lanyards. Icon_minitimeThu Oct 13, 2011 1:36 pm

Using a lanyard has its practical purposes,
such as holding on to a work USERNAME or proximity card, but a lanyard can
also help you make a social statement. Social awareness is a very
important part of 21st century life and there are a variety
of causes that people work for and advertise, such because curing cancer,
saving the planet, and preventing domestic violence.

Awareness Ribbon Lanyards

These lanyards are 36 inches long and are non-breakaway lanyards. They
come in packs of 100. Each lanyard is a different color and is certainly
imprinted with a design of ribbons. Here are some of the colors you
can choose from and what each color stands for:

Breast cancer is a very popular cause these days and if it's an issue
that's important to you and your provider, you'll be please to know
that, in addition to the pink awareness ribbon lanyard, there are a few
other lanyards you can choose from. One of these is a pink OptiBraid
breakaway lanyard, which has a slider emblazoned with the pink ribbon.
You may also get a flat breakaway lanyard with either a wide or simply
narrow plastic hook from which to hang your USERNAME card. These lanyards
don't have the awareness ribbon on them, but they're very pink so
people will definitely know which cause you could be supporting. Finally,
there tend to be flat, woven lanyards that feature the pink focus ribbon
on both sides of the strap. These are breakaway lanyards that have a
steel swivel-hook attachment, and they're some of the nicest lanyards
you can purchase. All of these breast area cancer awareness lanyards are actually 36
inches long and are available in boxes of 100.

No matter what cause you're associated through, an awareness lanyard can
not only serve the practical purpose, but it can help the world know
what's important. By wearing an awareness lanyard, you're showing
people that you care.

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All about Awareness Lanyards.
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