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 When It Comes To Fibre Optics Don't Think Point To Point, Think Endless Possibilities

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When It Comes To Fibre Optics Don't Think Point To Point, Think Endless Possibilities Empty
PostSubject: When It Comes To Fibre Optics Don't Think Point To Point, Think Endless Possibilities   When It Comes To Fibre Optics Don't Think Point To Point, Think Endless Possibilities Icon_minitimeTue Nov 08, 2011 4:04 pm

High speed digital transmission of information, be it just data, audio or in the form of video stream over long distances is becoming more and more common in this age of Information Technology. This digital information can originate from a PC, instruments of all kinds, audio files or digital video in the form of DVI, 3GSDI or HDMI.

Copper cables can not carry this large amount of digital data for long distances, without losing critical amount of data, hence the need for Fiber-Optic connection. However it is not just the Fibre Optic cable that is required for digital transmission. Sources and their destinations will be required to comply with any number of protocols, including DVI, HDMI, Displayport, Firewire, 3GSDI, USB and VCSEL Transceivers.

Fibre Optic Extenders that ensure both ends of communication link "understand" each other are becoming more common. These extenders are mainly available with a predefined cable length of up to 100 meters. What if you require digital communication over longer distances? After all Fibre Optics can carry digital information for Kilometers. To achieve this aim many suppliers now offer Detachable Fibre Modules. These modules will sit at either end of the digital communication link and allow Fibre Optic cables of varying sizes to be connected to them to carry the data over long distances. These Detachable Fibre Modules not anly carry DVI, USB or HDMI data but can also be daisy chained if multiple points of destinations are needed.

In addition it is important to note that Fibre Optic cables are completely passive, good for EMI and electrical isolation and are lossless, ensuring that whatever digital data is sent is also received.

Applications for these types of communication are varied, including Digital Signage, LCD panels, Broadcasting, Projectors, LED signboards and Instrumentation, especially in heavy industries where electrical isolation for connections between two points is of utmost importance.

So, we have established that Fibre Optic cables are ideal for long distance point to point digital communications but what if you have one source of data but you want to display it on several points? Examples could be presentations at exhibitions, advertsing in say the underground or showing video at sports grounds on to several displays. This is where Fibre Optic Distributors come in. These products can take several sources of information and transmit it to a number of different destinations, like LCD screens. For example you could have digital HDMI pictures coming from two set top boxes and be variously displayed on 4 screens of your choosing at any one time.

It is also possible to use Fibre Optic Matrix Routers to receive information in one format and convert it on to another format. This could be DVI to HDMI, 3GSDI to HMI and so on. There are Matrix Routers that can take up to 36 different inputs and convert them to 36 different types of outputs extending the possibilities of applications for sending digital information.

Another example of products available in the market is a Media Player. A Media Player can store information such as vedio data or a presentation and transmit it at a specified time to a predefined display. The whole system can be controlled and updated through the internet, allowing you to show what you want, when you want and to the audience of your choosing.

In conclusion when it comes to long distance digital communication, just donꊰ think point to point or a single format. Think endless possibilities, as there are products in the market that can make this a simple task.

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When It Comes To Fibre Optics Don't Think Point To Point, Think Endless Possibilities
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