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 Branded Usb Memory Sticks A Conference Organisers Dream

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Branded Usb Memory Sticks A Conference Organisers Dream Empty
PostSubject: Branded Usb Memory Sticks A Conference Organisers Dream   Branded Usb Memory Sticks A Conference Organisers Dream Icon_minitimeThu Nov 10, 2011 4:10 pm

If you have the unenviable task of organising a conference or seminar then you抣l already be an expert at multi-tasking and will have honed your planning and time management skills to perfection. You抣l often be seen doing a perfect imitation of a Swan ?looking calm, in control, and always professional whilst at the same time flapping your legs furiously to keep things on track.

Inevitably though, as the old adage suggests if 搕hings can go wrong they will go wrong? Whether it抯 the venue being double booked, tube strikes being called on the day of your event, the caterers being closed by the health inspectors or presenters pulling out at the last minute, you have to cope. Not only are you expected to cope but you need to make sure the presenters and the audience go away thinking this was the best and most smoothly run event they抳e ever attended. Your career and the potentially the success of your employer depends on it.

Given just how many things you need to juggle in the lead up to the event and in particular during the day of the conference or seminar it makes sense to deal with as many 揼otchas?as you can in advance.

Getting in copies of Speakers notes and presentations and getting them printed and distributed to the audience is one of those time consuming and challenging jobs that no-one relishes. The sheer amount of paper to print, collate, bind and distribute (let alone carry to the event) is often mind-boggling. It抯 so much easier to gather this information electronically and load it onto a USB memory stick.

These USB memory sticks can be branded to promote the event, the data can be pre-loaded in advance (if you have time the data can be pre-loaded during the manufacture of the branded USB sticks), and if the data is sensitive it can be protected and encrypted.

The cost of branded memory sticks is typically cheaper than the cost of printing and binding slides/notes, they抮e easier and cheaper to transport and they抮e easier for the delegates to carry. Combined with this you provide the delegates with something of perceived value that they can re-use again to store their own files/data.

Its also of course possible to load the memory sticks with media files, movies clips, audio files, links to web sites, and include details of other conferences or seminars you might be planning.

Using branded USB memory sticks will help your event run more smoothly, they will make your life as an organiser easier and typically they抮e a cheaper and more environmentally friendly option than printed media. So, if you want to reduce your stress levels you should consider USB memory sticks for your next event.

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Branded Usb Memory Sticks A Conference Organisers Dream
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